Ripping off the Band-Aid

I thought this time around with this new wave of single-dom, I would reconnect with every girlfriend I’ve thoughtlessly neglected… and would be out on the town every night.  And instead, quite the opposite has taken place.  Solace.  

Is it because I’m older?  Is it because my ex is still in my apartment sleeping on a pull-out sofa?  Or is it because I know that Single Maureen can tend to be very expensive?  Trading in the comfy sweats on Friday night… to sky high stilettos and a too-tight dress. Ugh.

One of the things I’ve complained about the whole time I was with #whiteboy, was that I never got the attention or affection that I craved. So what’s the hold up?  It’s probably because since I’ve moved to LA, I’ve never been able to recreate my same group of solid girlfriends to dash around town.  Mental Note: 1. Find new girlfriends in the city 2. Find a local bartender to remember you 3. Get out of the house.

While there have been no prospects for me in the the City of Angels… my little Cub from the Emerald City has been kept in contact since our brief rendezvous.  Innocent… and not so innocent flirtatious words have been exchanged, slowly laying down each yellow brick.   Through the back & forth… I suddenly get a text from him at 3am telling me that he has booked a flight to LA to come and see me.  Finally!  Some material for these desperate blank blog pages.