Another Ones Bites the Dust.

Well.  Here we are again.

Another man. Another breakup.  Another excuse to get the feverish tapping on the keyboard.

I’m not too sure what is it about break-ups that start the I-want-to-get-fit-and-eat-kale lifestyle.  Or the I-want-to-be-a-slut-and-swipe-right-on-every-decent-looking-boy lifestyle.  Or the I’m-going-to-become-zen-and-not-shave-my-armpits lifestyle.  Who thinks of this stupid shit?  I dunno… but here’s mine:  I’m-going-to-blog-away-my-feelings lifestyle.  Welcome me back home bitches… Of Mo and Men is back in business.

So what exactly is the tipping point of an unhappy 3 1/2 year relationship?  I’ll tell you what… an incredibly adorable Cub with curly hair to pay attention to you, when your boyfriend hasn’t looked at you in over 6 months.  Its amazing what just a little attention can make you pause, and think, “Wow… this boy isn’t even that cute…. but I’m diggin’ it!”

I’ll choose to leave out the part of whether or not anything was done with said Cub.  Which, I know… is not my style.  I’m a kiss-a-boy-and-tell kinda girl.  But there’s something about the mysteriousness of Cub to which I’ll leave out.  For now.

This feels good to be home.  Be kind as I get the cobwebs off my neglected keyboard.  The only thing left to be said at this moment is Single Mo is back from her hiatus.