After searching through the random matches that get sent my way, I notice a few men that I am attracted to.  While there are a few men that catch my eye, I am still unable to “wink” or write an email to these guys.  I notice that I still want some sort of courtship to happen, I don’t want to be the one to approach them.  I realize that it’s online, so there’s a little less awkwardness if they aren’t interested.  But I can still feel the hesitation and the 100s of butterflies flit around with the possibility of rejection.  So instead I do nothing, close my laptop again, and let the embarrassment subside.

The next day, strangely enough, I receive an email from one of the men I was interested in.  He sent a very simple email to introduce himself and to respond back if I was interested.  Nervous that this man has also noticed me, I blush behind my laptop screen barrier, and send an even more simple email back to him just to let him know that also was interested. Over the next few days, our correspondence reciprocates back and forth, finding out that he also just signed on around the same time that I had.  We laugh and empathize with one another as we navigate through this on-line thing together, sharing stories of the people we have been in contact with.

I find out that BronxTale was originally from New York, by way of Orlando, and has now made his trek to Los Angeles.  BronxTale impresses me more than anyone else who has contacted me by the effort that he puts into his emails.  Actually writing about his week/weekends, including some info about himself, and in turn asks me a lot of questions. It isn’t the usual one-liner emails that say, “Hey, I like your hair and smile.  What’s up?”  Not truly knowing the etiquette that is required, we both have some hesitation, but list our numbers in hope of an actual telephone conversation.

Over the next week we continue our conversations over text messages and eventually plan a date together.  I tell him that I’ll be ditching work early one day, and we can spend the day together.  Not even beginning to think of what would happen if we didn’t get along, then I would be stuck in LA for the rest of the day… or at least until traffic died down enough to make my defeated journey back home.  We make plans to meet at the Santa Monica Promenade (busy enough to walk around and get lost in the street traffic and street performers) and then to make our way to the Griffith Observatory (free entry with a lot to look at and beautiful sights). I’m proud of myself as I set our plans into action.

Five minutes before meeting BronxTale, the butterflies begin to take flight.  He seems so down to earth, not to mention extremely cute in all of his pictures.  Is it really possible that someone this cute could be on dating website?  And now, all I can begin to think of is all the horror stories I hear of meeting someone on-line.  From people posting pictures of themselves 50-lbs lighter, from 5-10 years ago, or using someone else’s pictures completely!  SHIT!  He’s going to be this ugly 50-year old, fat man.  SHIT!   What am I doing?  Nervousness begins to take over, and I can feel beads of sweat forming on my temples and a pool of sweat in my damp palms.  SHIT!  Now I’m starting to sweat! Stop IT!!!  You can’t look sexy when you’re sweating like this!  SHIT!!!!  How can I get out of this if he’s gross?!?!!?

The countdown of horror begins as I walk towards our meeting spot.  I then notice BronxTale spin around and look right at me with a pretty freaking adorable smile on his face.  SHIT!  A sigh of relief takes over, as we hug and greet one another.  And just like our emails and texts… we become little Chatty-Cathy’s for the rest of the night.  Starting with an early dinner and drinks, eventually making our way to The Observatory, having our second round of dinner, and finish it with talking and laughing the entire night away as we walk along the beach promenade.  All I can think is “WOW!  What an amazing day!!!”  If this is what has to offer me…. I’m excited for this journey.  I love being single.